Old City Residence

Old City Residence is an extraordinary opportunity to own a true piece of history in Icheri Sheher. This prodigious building is a tranquil home amongst Baku’s bustling old town, topped with tasteful splendor and uninterrupted horizons.

Old City Residence has historic roots dating back to 1898 and is very much embedded within Icheri Sheher and its heritage. The building combines this history with cutting edge structural design that has been upgraded to match international seismological standards in line with the quality of the overall property.

The house takes the accepted notion of living spaces on lower levels and bedrooms above and turns it around. Connected by an Onyx lift tower, the living spaces occupying the upper levels and are subsequently bathed in light.

Awaiting at the top of the property is a rooftop pavilion. This contemporary addition to the historic building sensually closes to create moments of privacy, frames The Shirvanshahs’ Palace and opens up to create uninterrupted horizon views over Baku and the Caspian Sea.

With the whole city at your feet and clear vistas above, Old City Residence is a truly unique property of tasteful splendor.

Plans and Property's design concept