Real Estate Capital LLC offers a variety of real estate services to help you manage your real estate assets, turn them into dynamic business portfolio and meet your other real estate needs. Depending on what sector you are work in, we try our best to deliver advice and recommendations on property & business sectors. Whether you are a developer, investor, property owner or tenant, we would be a partner to help you succeed, showing a value-based professional attitude in every step of the process.

REC LLC team is dedicated to providing you a property management services, covering everything from managing technical services processes and to tenancy agreements. Our portfolio includes office, retail, residential, mixed use and industrial assets. Our main approach is to attract and keep customers and tenants, support customers communication with their tenants, enhance the value of your assets, create efficiency and customer service while minimizing operating costs. We’ll always ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably and will offer the same high standard of services to your tenants.

By partnering with REC LLC, you will experience long-term success at each and every property, full focus on your business, recommendations from the best-in-class advisors who will manage the ever-changing needs of your property.

REC LLC provides investment management services to institutional investors, foundations, family offices and individuals who are willing to invest in real estate, seeking diversification and superior returns.

We create investment opportunities design investment strategies to meet our clients’ requirements and objectives. We ensure to maintain a stable long-term relationship with our clients and deliver competitive performance, comprehensive advice, asset management, and investment management services for their businesses. Our professional team is dedicated to meet the objectives of investors, tenants, private and corporate owners.

REC LLC team performs appraisals for your real estate as a single assets and portfolios. We perform our duties based analysis and research methods, deliver valuation and research papers, market analysis, trends and feasibility. Our skilled appraisal partners will explore all aspects of your property’s value based on their experience and resources.

In terms of Tenant Representation service, our focus is solely on the needs of tenants and we wholly trust our knowledge and years of experience in the market. Since we understand the needs of both owners and tenants, we use that insight to negotiate in your favor. To find the right space means more than just a right location, but also it represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources.

A right space can help your operations go smooth, enhance your network with surrounding tenants and positively impact your business. We realize this point and offer market analysis, vacancy/occupancy analysis, negotiations in your favor; and also, advice on how to reduce the costs and risks related with leasing, finding a space for you that maximizes workplace flexibility and productivity.

REC LLC can help you in making fully informed and confident decisions in your real estate investments. It uses a professional approach to keep balance among risks, costs and opportunities and our real estate experts and consultants are ready to support you along the way, preparing feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis and real-time market analysis reports. Our value is to help you achieve the objectives you have set for the growth of your business. Consultants of REC LLC are ready to offer unique strategies for you to thrive in competitive environments and in complex real estate market.

REC LLC also represents companies, institutions, and individuals to acquire, sell or lease their commercial real estate. Our team attentively follows the market trends and forecasts, evaluates the opportunities for most sufficient decision, to identify the best location possible under the most favorable terms available for your business, counting on their market and industry knowledge, business relations and outstanding reputation. We provide our clients with professional expertise, creative real estate solutions and value-added results.

REC LLC is an innovative and progressive real estate company in Azerbaijan with its Market Research services using international practices and bringing a new breath to the local market. We perform data collection and interpretiation, targeting the real estate market, preparing analysis and reports, representing them in an easily-understandable way.  We apply innovative and forward thinking approach to the real estate research and analysis, following the dynamics in real estate market and focusing on delivering creative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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